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TAPA 2020 春季會員攝影聯展 - 3月28日



因為新冠疫情,此次聯展改以網路線上展示,網址是: 春季攝影聯展


會長 - 劉維華, 副會長 - 姚鐵城, 劉潔抒 理事 - 林尚甫, 黃水隆 , 吳雲台, 陳陸裕, 潘家梧, 陳繼偉, 陳銘堂, 連豐吉 及 全體會員 敬邀

Dear Friends,

TAPA (Taiwanese American Photography Association) is proudly presenting the Spring Photo Exhibition 2020 starting March 28th. Most TAPA members are photography hobbyists. Many of them have more than 30 years of photography experience with numerous awards. The exhibition is comprised of photos taken during recent TAPA field trips. We are honored to have the opportunity to share our artworks with friends and supporters.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition will be shown on the web-link:

All friends and guests are welcome to view the exhibition on-line.

Dennis Liu,President Susan Liu, Tee-C Yao, Vice President Steve Lin, Eddy Huang, Robert Wu, Ming-Tarng Chen, Louis Chen, Jango Pan, Fong Lien, Board-members

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